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Welcome to my commissions site! My name's Lilly and I've been designing websites since I was about 10 years old (which means I've been doing it for 13 years). Even though my bachelor's degree is in Art History, I work in digital marketing and website content, and I haven't stopped coding. I code by hand, which is something few web designers can say. I understand why code is written and how to fix it. I started this one-woman business to use my passion for others' advantages.

I personally believe that a well-designed website is key to credibility. A good website says, I put the money and/or effort into promoting myself because I'm destined to get ahead and I care about my image. A poorly-designed/cheap website indicates that you aren't too concerned with the image you put forward. Well-designed websites are also more memorable. Besides, doesn't everyone like pretty and functional things?

I'm also here to give some of the best prices you can get for a website. Websites can be extremely expensive, but I'd like to give more people the opportunity to get ahead by offering services at very reasonable prices. You can receive a custom website for less than the price of a pre-made site, not to mention that I'll help you set up and teach you how to maintain your site.

So if you're interested, please browse my portfolio and my services, and be sure to contact me when you're ready to get a personalised website.

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