Only some of my work has made it below to showcase the work of which I'm capable. Because I took a hiatus of web design in college, a lot of my designs are a few years old, but I plan on replacing these examples with more recent ones when I can.

As a web designer, my abilities cannot be contained into a single portfolio. Please don't hesitate to contact me to see if I can come up with a design you'll love.

Active Layouts

7 Shades of Black is my fashion & beauty blog updated weekly. It's a Wordpress site and the current look is supposed to be gloomily basic with some fun colours. The style is supposed to continue one I started with the blog's founding in 2012.
My online resume is supposed to be exemplary of some of the coding I can do but I kept it minimal since that's a more popular style nowadays. * This website has a mobile version

Standard Layouts

Please note that none of these layouts are specifically designed to be mobile-compatible.

Premium Layouts

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