I specialise in personal websites such as portfolios, small business websites and blogs, and I strongly prefer to use Wordpress since it's a highly-used and easy platform for people who are unfamiliar with code. I also use NameCheap to purchase domain names and host all my websites on AwardSpace. For all new websites, I use these services and will help you get situated with them.

I'm very easygoing with my services but please read all the information below as once we decide to work together, you are agreeing to the following terms.

The Process

First, you send me your request. What is your website for? Broadly or narrowly, what should the design look like? What level of website would you like? Images, diagrams and live examples of what you're looking for are always helpful.

Secondly, I'll contact you with any comments I have. I require 50% of the cost to be paid in advance (non-refundable) and then I'll begin working.

Then I'll send you screenshots (or videos if the website is more interactive) of the layout's finished look. From there, I will edit the layout to your tastes until you find it perfect.

Finally, the remaining 50% is due and once it's paid, I'll send the layout code(s) and instructions.

If you are purchasing your website for the first time, I will help you set up your website after you make the advance payment.

The overall process should take a week at most but please contact me for a deadline. I will be sure to contact the customer if a layout is taking longer than anticipated.


Please let me know if you have any questions about which layout you need. I accept only Paypal.

*** Click here for a price calculator.

Standard Website Layout - $20
This website layout can be compatible with Wordpress, however it does not include code for blog posts or comments sections. Standard website layouts are great for portfolio websites or organisation/group websites that don't plan on having a blog section.

Wordpress Blog Layout - $30
This layout can handle blog posts and comments. If you plan on having a section of your site dedicated to events, this is the preferred layout.

Mobile Compatibility - $8 / $15
Even though many websites don't have a mobile version, you can get a mobile-compatible version of your website. $8 for standard layouts and $15 for blog layouts.

Premium Layout - $40-50
Premium layouts simply mean that more graphics are involved in the design. If you view my portfolio, you'll see some examples of what I mean. Mobile compatibility prices stay the same since graphics are actually not that great for mobile layouts.

Also below are some general website fees you may encounter or may want to add to your site:

Domain Name - ~$10/yr + $2/yr WHOIS
I like buying through NameCheap since other websites can jack up domain prices. A .com domain is generally $11/year and then a $2-3 optional fee/year for WHOIS (which makes your information private; otherwise, it is public).

Hosting - Varies
The host I use, AwardSpace, has great FREE hosting accounts for small websites. You may need to pay if your website acquires enough traffic but this is not expected for small websites. However if you want your blog to have comments then you must pay for hosting.

Website Ads - $2/ad
In the off-chance that you want website ads, I'll make an ad to match your layout for $2 each. If you desire, I can make one social media announcement FREE of charge, to help you promote your new website.

Business Card Design - $5
I can design a business card to match your layout for a small fee. Please note: I offer this service because many people want their business cards to match their website, but I'm not trained in printed digital art. Your business card may have slightly different colours from the digital version.

Layout Graphics - FREE
When you buy a layout from me, you're welcome to use any part of the layout for anything else for free.

Terms of Service

By accepting my services, you agree to these terms of service. Updated 22nd June 2017.

  1. Transactions will be done using Paypal, and I will bill you the customer.
  2. We will come to terms on a layout cost/service before payment is made. I will never charge more than anticipated, but I reserve the right to charge more (with permission first) if the customer requests more.
  3. Fifty (50%) of the cost is due before work is due, and 50% after the work is completed and before coding is given out. The first 50% of the cost is non-refundable. If a change in price occurs, the first 50% is still non-refundable but only the remaining cost will be due before receiving coding.
  4. If contact between us is lost for two weeks, I reserve the right to withdraw from the service. Please let me know ahead of time if you will not have access to your email for two weeks or longer.
  5. Money is non-refundable after it is paid.
  6. I reserve the right to reject any projects I do not find suitable for me.
  7. I ask that you contact me directly via email in the unlikely event you have an issue with me or my services, in the hopes that we can settle differences without a third party.
  8. My website link is not required but it certainly would be nice of you to keep it up.
  9. Business Cards - Because I've already stated that I'm not trained in printed digital art, and as most card-printing services have product previews, I am not responsible for printing fees for less-than-great business cards.
Don't worry because the process should go smoothly and quickly. These terms are simply to protect the business and to establish guidelines for the coder-customer relationship.

© Lilly Kauffman 2017